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Jackson A.

Astella Ventures is a reliable company to work with. They have great ethics and they are very knowledgeable. I personally have worked with many management companies in the past and I find Astella Ventures to be the best in the field. I highly recommend owners and developers to hire Astella Ventures to manage their properties, it will definitely give them a peace of mind.

Melina M.

Astella Ventures and Mrs. Francis Papadopoulos have generated profits for me. They have lowered expenses at my multi-family units and aggressively and successfully increased rents. They are definitely one of the lowest priced management companies in the greater New York area.

Joseph M.
Real Estate Investor

As a New York based real estate investor, I rely on Astella Ventures local knowledge and expertise. Astella Ventures has great contacts in the New York market and an ability to handle all of the demands of asset management. I highly recommend them for anyone looking to manage their properties.

Hossam K.
Property Owner

Mr. Spiro Antzoulatos has managed my properties for a number of years. His professionalism and knowledge is above reproach. He has a great relationship with his employees and their working relationship makes for a great working machine. As an apartment building owner, I am very pleased with my decision of employing Astella Ventures. Spiro and his team’s attention to detail, customer satisfaction, and communication with their clients is outstanding.